About our Nurse Education

The Skilled Nurse was founded by Australian Nurse Educators who know how difficult it can be to meet our continuing education requirements, especially if you work in a small facility, or in a rural area.

Time, location and cost are all barriers to gaining access to the education we need to stay updated - not to mention that a lot of the courses out there are just plain boring!! Not us! We’ve consulted some of the best educators in Australia and have developed interesting, interactive online nursing programs at a very affordable price. The Skilled Nurse was created with the main focus of providing eLearning programs to help meet the training needs of nurses in many healthcare facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

We specialise in online training, and offer our extensive range of courses to nurses internationally. Our courses are written by nurse educators with vast clinical and university experience, so you can be sure that our courses are based on the highest Australian nursing standards.

Australian nurse education is recognised as some of the best in the world, and our understanding of current practices and knowledge is key to our success.

Our Nurse Educators

All our online courses are written by experienced Australian Nurses who have been in the industry for over 20 years.

Our educators have experience in emergency nursing, basic and advanced life support training, anaphylaxis training, respiratory assessment training plus many more as you can see from our courses here.

When studying our courses our nurse educators can be contacted via email should you have any questions.

Our Popular Online Training Courses

Below are some of our most popular courses.

Feedback about our Online Training Courses

Below are some comments from nurses who have studied our courses.
Feedback about our courses

"User friendly - was able to read up on my workplace emergency procedures and protocols to be better prepared"

Feedback about our Online Courses

"Fast and easy to follow, Applicable and valuable. I liked the resources used."

CPD Feedback

"Being able to complete the course at home. Having the time to read the material at my own pace."

CPD Online Feedback

"Was very easy and simple to understand, clear story information with good concise instructions."

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